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Content Development, Copy Editing & Proof Reading

The sustained acceptability and continued success a book enjoys in the market could be well attributed to the level of editorial finesse deplored into the book.

Editing breathes life into a manuscript. At Pionero Publications, we are professional at infusing correctness, clarity, coherence and consistency into any manuscript across all genre. We understand and provide services across various levels of editing -- content editing, copy editing, proof reading. Our team of editors give detailed attention to eliminate grammatical errors, punctuation errors, spelling errors, improper word usage, wrong use of capitalisation; and to the correct use of grammar, assertions of cited sources, adherence to your house style guide and also give overall recommendations for the cohesive structure of the book.

We work on any writing type - novels, poems, articles; and get delivered back to you a clean, organised, polished and wholesome copy of your edited document. We will happily work with you until your document is exactly what you need.

Do you need professional book layout services for your book? We have unique layout solutions for formatting all educational books, biographies, cookbooks, novels, brochure, annual reports, etc., that will project your contents in the right light, create a sense of order and pleasant reading experience while also improving the acceptability of your books. Our highly experienced team of book designers have the technical knowledge of using varieties of software to provide print layout design solutions.

At Pionero Publications, we have already delivered book formatting and layout services to numerous publishers and independent authors in Africa and beyond. We accept various subjects matter and work on them with utmost creativity and confidentiality.

Book Cover Design and Adverts for social media

The influence, impression and compelling power which a book cover poses on potential readers cannot be overemphasized. At Pionero Publications, we have the wherewithal to create an original, attractive, and persuasive cover design using a blend of advanced technology and innovative manpower. Our aesthethetically appealing cover designs are such that reflect the theme of your book and are also aligned to suit the intended readers. Entrust us with your cover designs and we assure you of a creative piece that stands out among others on the shelf.

Brochure Design, Annual Reports, Newsletters, Catalogs, Calender

We tell your company's story in a unique way! Since inception, Pionero Publications has pride itself in providing:

  • communication materials for companies through exceptional publications;
  • visual identities (i.e. logos, typography, color style); that are intellectually engaging and visually stunning.

On branding, we run with a clear vision - company's brand is a valuable resource that determines perception, acceptability and success.

With a keen eye on our vision, we have been able to provide an impressive, meaningful and top-notch publishing services to our corporate customers. We have what it takes for the flawless publication of brochures, reports, letterheads, business cards, magazines, newsletters, posters.

We are experienced and professional in providing Ebook conversion service. At Pionero Publications, we know how to make both the layout and the cover of your ebooks appealing such that it will attract global readership and consequently increase your sales.

Our experienced team has excellent working knowledge of the online book retail platforms and they understand the workflow required in managing your files from either print ready or author manuscript to the final digital format. We make our workflows to work cooperatively with your timelines as we also ensure that the final output gives readers exciting and interactive experience. Here are what we offer under this service:

  • Introduction of video and audio files
  • Searchable textual content files
  • Clickable/navigable table of contents
  • Validated formats compatible Amazon, Apple ibookstore, e.t.c.

We are able to convert from any of these files: PDF, MS-Word, Indesign, HTML, to digital books and Journals.

At Pionero Publications, we understand that the credibility of a publisher or an author is questioned when a poorly executed index is provided. Our indexers are experts in subject matter and analytical indexing. They have the skillset required to accurately judge and select keywords that would form a book index which conforms to the standards of the publishing industry. With their expertise and experience, our team of indexers ensure that readers derive maximum value from your books by exhaustively utilising relevant subject matter and carefully identifying terms, places, and things that are essential to include in an index and then cross-referencing such with other components. If you want an accurate index for your book at an affordable rate, please feel free to contact us.

We create stand-alone apps of books for authors and publishers. With this service, potential readers can conveniently have access to your books from the major app stores and then download your book app to enjoy the embedded standard functionalities such as:

  • Embed audio/video
  • Text search function;
  • Text bookmark function;
  • Interactive table of contents, footnotes, and weblinks;
  • Tap zoom in/zoom out;
  • Increment or decrement of font sizes by users based on their preferences;
  • Flip page or single page reading feature;
  • Animation;

Our team of experienced mobile app developers have the expertise to convert scanned documents, PDF, Indesign, MS-Word, ePub and Mobi files to mobile applications that are apt for smart-devices (android, iPad/iPhone). Though app creation could be technical and complicated, we have developed a simplified work-process and with our service, we enusure the process becomes fast and simple while not compromising on quality.

Interested in this service? Please get in touch with us to know the turnaround time and the development cost

In today's digital world, as many as 82% of customers are doing online research before they contact you about products or services. That's why the first impression most customers relates to the design of your website. It's also why web design services can have an immense impact on your company's bottom line.

We offer professionally customised web design services to publishers, authors and other non-publishing sectors at affordable rates to help their business attract more visitors. Skillfully engaging good strategies, we can turn your site visitors into customers.

Contact us today to tell us more about your business and let's start designing your unique website!

Book typesetting for good logic has some rules that only experts understand. Our team of typesetters are well-versed in the principles of a good typeset document and have deplored such in the works of many authors and publishers over time. We can flawlessly convert manuscripts that are handwritten or scanned into typescripts and get it sent to you in your preferred format and within the shortest possible time.

We understand that graphic designers are professional visual communicators who require the skills to present messages in increasingly imaginative ways. At Pionero Solutions we offer courses that help sharpen the skillset of designers. Our design and pre-press course cover everything you need to know in order to produce stunning, professional, and industry-standard book covers and layouts for textbooks, magazines, cookbooks, coffee-table books, etc. Our training courses also include conversion of files to Epub and Kindle (for Amazon).

Trainees are also exposed to the professional computer applications and software that graphic desinger of today needs to thrive in the publishing industry. Some of which include:

  • Adobe Indesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Coreldraw

The courses we offer are:

  • Ebook Conversion
  • Page styling and image formatting
  • Design and Typography
  • Tools and Workplace
  • Image enhancements

If you are interested in graphic design as a career, or if you are a design professional looking for enhanced skills, then this clear and simple opportunity is the one for you. So, join this class and by the time the class is completed, you would have gained the confidence required to approach any publishing project professionally either for print or digital publication.